Activate 360MatchPro (Required for All Platforms)

This article walks through how to activate 360MatchPro.

Verify 360MatchPro Keys

Request Account Form

Verify 360MatchPro Keys

For clients with an existing 360MatchPro account.


Issue a POST request to the verify-360-keys endpoint. Include the client's 360MatchPro public and private key. The endpoint verifies the public/private key combination.


A sample response for a valid account follows:


  1. {
  2.   "public_key_valid": true,
  3.   "private_key_valid": true,
  4.   "private_key_enabled": true,
  5.   "subscription_status": "active",
  6.   "feature_tier": "standard"
  7. }


A sample response for an invalid account follows:


  1. {
  2.   "public_key_valid": false,
  3.   "private_key_valid": false,
  4.   "note": "private/public key combination is invalid"
  5. }

Request Account Form

For clients without an existing 360MatchPro account.


The Partnerships Team will provide you with an in-product contact form for interested clients to fill out. Forms responses are sent to the Double the Donation team, who will reach out to the client to schedule a call and discuss getting a 360MatchPro account.