Activate 360MatchPro (Required for All Platforms)

Activate 360MatchPro (Required for All Platforms)

Verify 360MatchPro Keys

For clients with an existing 360MatchPro account.

Issue a POST request to the verify-360-keys endpoint. Include the client's 360MatchPro public and private key. The endpoint verifies the public/private key combination.

A sample response for a valid account follows:
  1. {
  2.   "public_key_valid": true,
  3.   "private_key_valid": true,
  4.   "private_key_enabled": true,
  5.   "subscription_status": "active",
  6.   "feature_tier": "standard"
  7. }
A sample response for an invalid account follows:
  1. {
  2.   "public_key_valid": false,
  3.   "private_key_valid": false,
  4.   "note": "private/public key combination is invalid"
  5. }

Request Account Form

For clients without an existing 360MatchPro account.

The Partnerships Team will provide you with an in-product contact form for interested clients to fill out. Forms responses are sent to the Double the Donation team, who will reach out to the client to schedule a call and discuss getting a 360MatchPro account.