Common Integration Issues

Common Integration Issues

All donations not registered with 360MatchPro.

Double the Donation has always identified match-eligible donors in multiple ways, including the corporate email domain, the streamlined search on the donation form, and the full search tool plugin on the confirmation page.

Another important avenue to identify match-eligible donors is the “Unknown eligibility” email stream. This stream sends an email to donors whose employment information is unknown, directs them to a dedicated matching gift page with the matching gift search tool plugin, and then tracks usage of the search tool and updates a donor’s matching gift status accordingly.

Since many donors are initially placed into the “Unknown Eligibility” stream, passing these donations into 360MatchPro and triggering out the appropriate follow-up email messaging captures match-eligible donors that would otherwise never have been identified.

Recommended solution: Pass all donations, even those of unknown matching gift eligibility, into 360MatchPro.