Create a Test Account

Create a Test Account

Create a 360MatchPro Account for Testing

Issue a POST request to the create-360-account endpoint. 

Include your test partner API key, NOT your production partner API key.

Configure the POST request as follows:
  1. {
  2.   "username": "Partner Test 1",    // Replace "Partner" with your platform name. If you provision more than one test account, label them with ascending integers.
  3.   "partner_api_key": "partner-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",    // Replace with your test partner API key.
  4.   "organization_name": "Partner Test 1",    // Same as your username.
  5.   "email": "",    // Must be unique. We recommend using this syntax with ascending integers the match your username/organization name for your test account(s).
  6.   "employer_identification_number": "string",    // Optional field. Leave blank.
  7.   "from_email": "string",    // Optional field. Leave blank.
  8.   "plugin_url": "string",    // Optional field. Leave blank.
  9.   "from_name": "string"    // Optional field. Leave blank.
  10. }

After calling the create-360-account endpoint with these parameters, you will receive a JSON response containing the following:
  1. 360matchpro_public_key: The public key for the account, which will be used for account verification and data transfer between your platform and 360MatchPro.
  2. 360matchpro_private_key: The private key for the account, which will be used only for account verification.
  3. email_cname: A JSON array representing the 3 CNAME records that have to be created so that emails 360MatchPro sends will be whitelisted by email providers.

A sample response follows:

  1. {
  2.   "360matchpro_public_key": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
  3.   "360matchpro_private_key": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
  4.   "email_cname": {
  5.     "mail_cname": {
  6.       "valid": true,
  7.       "type": "cname",
  8.       "host": "",
  9.       "data": "XXXXX"
  10.     },
  11.     "dkim1": {
  12.       "valid": true,
  13.       "type": "cname",
  14.       "host": "",
  15.       "data": "XXXXX"
  16.     },
  17.     "dkim2": {
  18.       "valid": true,
  19.       "type": "cname",
  20.       "host": "",
  21.       "data": "XXXXX"
  22.     }
  23.   }
  24. }

Access and Configure Your Test Account

Log in to your test account at using the credentials you created in the previous section.

Navigate to "Automated Outreach" --> "Match Eligible" and enable/toggle on the Initial Email in the stream. Repeat this for the "Unknown Company" and "Ineligible" streams.


Account with your email address already exists

When provisioning an account, the username and email fields must be unique. If the username and/or email address is associated with a different account, the create-360-account endpoint will return the following response:
  1. {
  2.     "errors": {
  3.         "email": "Already registered with an existing account.",
  4.         "username": "Already registered with an existing account."
  5.     }
  6. }

If you receive this response, try a different email address. Refer to the recommended syntax for the email field in the POST requset to the create-360-account endpoint above to avoid this error.