Integration Certification Checklist

Integration Certification Checklist

Each 360MatchPro integration must be certified by the Double the Donation Partnerships Team before it can be released. Integrations that are built per the documentation in the Partners Portal should pass certification.

The following checklist is intended to help integration partners prepare for the certification demo with the Partnerships Team. If all of the following are true, your integration is highly likely to be certified.

Step 1: Admin Experience in Partner Platform

Admin Experience
 1. Clients must be able to enter their public and private API to activate an existing account (example below).

 2. {Optional} Client can request a contact from the Double the Donation team about 360MatchPro using a contact form provided by the Partnerships Team (please contact Double the Donation if you would like this form link).

Admin Experience
Client can add and remove 360MatchPro from all donation forms at once (global settings) AND/OR Client can add and remove 360MatchPro from individual donation forms on a case-by-case basis (form-level settings).

This mock example image shows entering public and private API keys to activate an existing account and the 360MatchPro account request form link.

Step 2: Donor Experience When Submitting a Donation

Donation Form
1. The streamlined search field (employer search field to identify matching gift eligibility) must appear on donation form.

2. Streamlined search field must autocomplete the donor-entered text (example below).

3. Streamlined search field must store donor's selection on the form (example below).

Donation Form Requirement 2 (streamlined search field must autocomplete donor-entered text)This example image shows the streamlined search field autocompleting donor-entered text.

Confirmation Page/Thank You Page/Success Page/Receipt Page*

*appears after the payment has been accepted
1. Matching gift plugin (plugin that directs donor to the matching gift guidelines and forms for their company) must appear on confirmation page.

2. When the donor selected a company on the donation form or provided a corporate email address on the donation form, the matching gift plugin must initialize to that company's matching gift program policies (example below).

3. When the donor did not select a company on the donation form or provide a corporate email address on the donation form, the matching gift plugin must present a blank search plugin.

Confirmation Screen Requirement (matching gift plugin initializes to proper company)This mock example image shows the matching gift plugin that should appear on the confirmation page and initialize to the proper company.

Step 3: API Notes for Partner Platform

Registering Donations with 360MatchPro

All donations must be registered in 360MatchPro, even those of unknown matching gift eligibility (notes here).

Partner API Key
The Partner API key must be part of the donation submission from the partner platform into 360MatchPro. This plugs the partner platform name into the "Source" field.